The Angle Trout Nymph

Copper John
Copper John By Jason Akl
John Barr could not have realized the stir this pattern would create throughout the fly fishing and tying world.(more)

Frostbite Chironomid Pupa
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa By Dave Sloan
This is one of my favorite midge imitations for the Upper Sacramento River from the end of July into October.(more)

WD 40
WD 40 By Dave Sloan
The WD-40 is one of my go to flies when it comes to fishing to fish with PhD’s in fly refusal. It is especially good from size 20 down because it keeps that super slim profile that the naturals of that size possess.(more)

Hart's Dark Lord
Dark Lord By Dave Sloan
This is a great general attractor pattern that imitates a lot of everything but nothing in particular.(more)

Sloan’s Mighty May Baetis
Sloan’s Mighty May Baetis By Dave Sloan
I initially came up with the basic idea for this series while examining some baetis on the Pit River and noticed how prominent the notch in the wing case was, especially as the baetis came closer to emergence.(more)
Trout Nymph Archives
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