The Angle Trout Streamer

Muddler Minnow
Muddler Minnow By Jason Akl
One of the true classic streamer patterns of all time, the Muddler minnow has been deceiving fish for nearly a half century.(more)

Whitlock's Hare Jig
Whitlock's Hare Jig By Jason Akl
Not many flies possess the versatility to consistently entice bass, pike and large rainbow trout into biting.(more)

Matuka Sculpin
Matuka Sculpin By Jason Akl

Sculpins and trout have been at war for decades with no clear winner coming out on top. On one hand you have the sculpin, a bottom dwelling predatory fish that makes its living raiding redds for eggs and capturing small trout fry hiding along the rocky bottom.(more)

Flesh Fly
Flesh Fly By Jason Akl

As the thousands of salmon deposit spawn on the bottoms of rivers everywhere their mysterious lifecycle comes to an end.(more)

Articulated Leech
Articulated Leech By Jason Akl
The articulated leech at first glance is an intimidating fly to fisherman and tiers alike. For fisherman the sheer size of the fly is able to send most anglers running for cover.(more)
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