The Angle Bonefish/Permit

Borski's Super Swimming Shrimp
Borski's Super Swimming Shrimp By Jason Akl
One of the best times to get and use this great fly pattern is when the summertime weather fades and the cooler and windier days take over.(more)

McQuades Banded Shrimp
McQuades Banded Shrimp By Jason Akl
The McQuade’s Banded Shrimp is one of those special patterns that well informed angler’s carry and depend on to turn the tides on a rough day fishing the flats.(more)

Super Swimming Shrimp
Super Swimming Shrimp By Jason Akl
Borski’s original Swimming Shrimp is a pattern that even the pickiest of bonefish have a hard time turning down but the new Super Swimming Shrimp is even better.(more)

Puligis Floating Crab
Puligis Floating Crab By Jason Akl

Enrico Puglisi has created many great (more)

Anderson’s McCrab
Anderson’s McCrab By Jason Akl
This life-like antelope hair crab pattern brought about a revolution in new and effective permit patterns to hit the saltwater fly fishing world.(more)
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