The Angle Tarpon Flies

Black Death
Black Death By Jason Akl
The Florida Keys are some of the most famous tarpon hunting grounds found anywhere in the world. These gin clear waters are riddled with tarpon in the 40-80 pound class and can even be caught in the 100lb class on these shallow flats during the summer months.(more)

Lemay’s Big Eye Tarpon Fly
Lemay’s Big Eye Tarpon Fly By Jason Akl
No matter what name you call them by Tarpon, are the undisputed kings of inshore fishing in warmer waters.(more)

Cockroach Tarpon Fly
Cockroach Tarpon Fly By Jason Akl
The Cockroach fly pattern is not a mystery to serious salt-water anglers. Developed by legendary fly tier Lefty Kreh, this fly has accounted for many trophy tarpon being landed over the years and is still just as effective today.(more)

Tarpon's Tasty Treat
Tarpon's Tasty Treat By Tyson Pardue
I was fishing in the Marqueses out of Key West, and my buddy and I were having a hell of a time getting bit.(more)
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