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Accomodations: Five large rooms, each with private bath, two double-sized beds, air conditioning, and a gallery with a marsh-front view.

Dates: January through April.

Location: Argentina's northern province of Corrientes.

Phone Number: 800-410-1222 Ask for Gary or Paul

Provided: Ground transportation; boat/guide with two anglers; deluxe lodge accommodation (double occupancy); meals with wine, soft drinks at the lodge.

Species : Golden dorado

Technique : Fly Fishing (Fresh)

Pira Lodge - Argentina
Pira Lodge - Argentina

Pira Lodge is the world's first truly upscale fishing lodge to target the freshwater dorado, fly fishing's most exciting new game fish. Located in Argentina's northern province of Corrientes, Pira enjoys a tropical climate throughout its long eight-month fishing season, which begins in September and runs through April. Pira is set apart from other dorado fishing lodges because of its superior accommodations, knowledgeable staff and strategic location on the shore of the Ibera Marshland. This vast wetland occupies more than 3,000,000 acres and offers the world's only possibilty for dorado fishing in crystal-clear waters. These ideal conditions allow anglers to sight-fish for cruising dorado with top-water floating lines, a technique that produces explosive, heart-stopping strikes.

Pirayu was co-founded by the owners of the world-renowned sea-run brown trout lodge, Kau-Tapen. Over the years, Kau-Tapen has proved itself to be one of the world's elite fishing lodges due to its excellence in cuisine, service and quality if its fishery. Pira has been modeled after Kau-Tapen, emphasizing these very same standards, and will rank among the most select fishing lodges around the world. Today, Kau-Tapen and its sister lodges, Villa Maria, Toon-Ken, and Bella Vista (on the Rio Gallegos), are enjoying the enormous successes of a fishery that only a decade ago remained undiscovered. Similarly, Pira has its sights set on a fishery that has enormous potential but has not yet been explored by the international sportsman. At the turn of the millennium, when quality fishing resources are hard enough to come by, it is tough to imagine that a brand-new, virtually unexplored area with such a fierce, yet undiscovered game fish could emerge with such promise and potential.

The Fishing The freshwater dorado (Salminus Maxillosus) is known in Argentina as the "Tiger of the River" and is considered to be the single most challenging native freshwater game fish of South America. It is a radiant, yellow-colored, salmon-like fish with an extremely strong jaw and sharp teeth. Unlike its cousin the salmon, however, it does not die after spawning and never swims in the ocean. The dorado is an exceptionally strong swimmer and normally ranges in size from 5 to 45 pounds, although the world record is 70 pounds. This voracious fish could accurately be described as a cross between a bull terrier and a tarpon. It hammers top-water flies with reckless abandon and immediately explodes out of the water in a series of outrageous jumps and relentless, line stripping runs. Its physical beauty, its violent strike, its long, powerful runs and its acrobatic fights are some of the qualities that make the dorado the exceptional sportfish that it is.

The Accommodations The lodge consists of five large rooms, each with private bath, two double-sized beds, air conditioning, and a gallery with a marsh-front view. A separate building, attached by covered galleries, accommodates the spacious living room, bar and dining room, each with tall doors which open up to the wide veranda. The lodge was designed to respect the traditional, local architecture while offering all the comforts of a contemporary hotel.

Rates: $4.,900 pp dbl occ.

Duration: Saturday to Saturday.

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