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Accommodations: Deluxe for up to 9 anglers

Dates: September & October

Family: Sweetwater Travel

Location: British Columbia

Phone for reservations: 800-410-1222 ask for Gary or Paul

Rate: $6,150 plus tx pp dbl occ - 2014 rate

Species: Steelhead

Suskeena Lodge - BC
Suskeena Lodge - BC

Suskeena Lodge on the Sustut River British Columbia
Suskeena Lodge, on the Sustut River in Northern British Columbia is relatively unknown except among a core group of fanatics that fish BC every year prowling for giant steelhead. The Sustut has the largest average steelhead of any river in the Skeena watershed. If you want to crack the magic 30 pound mark for steelhead you had better be focused on the Skeena tributaries.

On that note, there are only a few rivers where it is even possible. On the Skeena these include the Babine River, Kispiox River or the Sustut River. If you want to increase your odds for 30 pound steelhead, be in a wilderness setting and fish gin clear water...the Sustut is your place.

Suskeena Lodge is 9 person lodge located on the Sustut River in the Skeena watershed in Northern British Columbia. Access to the Sustut is by private charter and there are no roads that take you here. It is a true wilderness steelhead fishery. The Sustut and Skeena have healthy runs of chinook, coho and sockeye salmon and steelhead. In early August the chinook fishing can be incredible.

Steelhead though are our specialty. Our season runs from the third week of August until approximately November 1 each year. September is a magical time as the leaves are changing, weather is moderate and dry fly fishing for steelhead can be off the charts. By October, it feels like British Columbia fall.

Cold nights and sunny days make it feel more like steelhead. This half of the season is slightly better for numbers and often in low clear water. This is also the time the Skeena really turns on.

The River
The Sustut is truly a jewel that is for the most part largely unknown except among a core group of fanatics that fish the river on an annual basis hoping to crack the magic 30 pound mark for steelhead. On that note, there are few rivers where it is even possible.

On the Skeena these include the Babine, Kispiox or the Sustut. The Sustut is in our estimation the finest of these large race steelhead waters. It has several advantages, no crowds, clear water (it is generally the last river to blow out) and its fish are huge…built for a long cold winter.

Due to its remote nature, it is too expensive for weekend warriors or adventurers to visit. When they weigh the costs of getting in, it is simply easier and cheaper to fish with a lodge. There is little angling pressure and much of the water remains unfished throughout a season.

The river and valley are simply stunning. The views are constant and overwhelming. Each bend of the river brings giant cottonwoods and low lying alder in all their fall splendour. The backdrop is almost always a high and frosted peak. The contrast is unbelievable. And through it all…a gin clear steelhead river with fish to well over 30 pounds. Wild indeed.

The Fishing
After a 7:00 breakfast, clients depart for their day on the river. Lunch is prepared by the guide and served stream side. Steelhead fishing is, we think, for the most part made to sound like a sport for tough fanatical fishermen.

Granted aficionados seem to fit this mold. However, that is largely due to the fact that many steel headers are so taken by the fish and country that they pursue the fish like their lives depend on it…in some cases for months at a time eating canned meats and old bread by a fire.

Contrary to public opinion, steelhead are a great fish that are aggressive and catchable for an angler of any skill level. You do not need to be able to throw a hundred feet of line or fish a 500 grain sinking line until your shoulder gives out.

Without exception, if you listen to your guide, he will steer you into fish within your ability or interest. Fishing a dry fly is something that everyone should try for a few days. It is effective on the Sustut and is the most exciting way to catch a steelhead.

The fish on the Sustut are among B.C.’s largest. The steelhead average 14 pounds and often reach well into the high twenties. There are 30-35 pound fish landed yearly. Consequently, we recommend you come prepared.

The Lodge
Suskeena Lodge is located on the Sustut River in Northern British Columbia. The lodge itself is accessed by a private air charter from the town of Smithers.

The cabins are by far some of the nicest cabins in B.C. for steelhead fishing. The cabins are based on double occupancy, clients stay two to a cabin. Cabins are warm and well furnished.

Each cabin includes a stove, attached bathroom with a shower, flushing toilet and sitting area. In addition to the bathrooms in each cabin, there is an additional wash house with three showers in the event that you and your bunk mate seem to need to shower simultaneously.

The main lodge building is a charming, custom built log building. There is ample room to relax for drinks after fishing, enjoy great meals or read by the fire place. With just nine anglers, the atmosphere is just right.

To Book
Reservations are from Tuesday to Tuesday. $6,150 plus tax - dbl occ

Package price includes: Round trip private air charter from Smithers, accommodations, meals.Package Price is based on double occupancy cabins. Once experienced guide for every three anglers, daily jet-boat transportation on the river and fishing rights from the time of your arrival until you depart. The lodge can accommodate 9 anglers maximum.

Not included in package price: Flight to and from Smithers, hotel in Smithers, pop and alcohol for consumption at the lodge, fishing licenses and steelhead stamps (Approximately a minimum of $450.00 C.A.D. plus tax) and gratuities.

Call us at 800-410-122 & ask for Gary or Paul or email us – above for reservations. We’ll try to get you “in”.

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