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Location: Brazil

Phone Number: 800-410-1222 Ask for Gary or Paul

Price : Oct-Dec $5,600 / Jan-Mar $5,900 pp dbl oc

Additional Information

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Brazil
Agua Boa Amazon Lodge - Brazil, Amazon Fly Fishing

Fly Fish for Peacock Bass
Formerly known as the Royal Amazon Lodge, the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located on a small clear water tributary of the Amazon perfectly suited for peacock bass. The Agua Boa is a crystal clear with a white sand bottom. Imagine a small river flanked by Varzea flood forest and Gallery forests still in pristine shape with all of its great wildness still intact. The crowns of many of the hardwood trees in the Gallery forest reach heights of 200 feet and all of the species are still present.

It is not uncommon to find beaches filled with the tracks of the endangered Amazon River turtles, tapir and even jaguar. Nothing could be more spectacular for an angler than the return ride to the lodge after a great day of fishing through meandering bends of this great watershed as the forest comes to life each evening.

The River
The Agua Boa River is the Amazonís first and only fishery managed to require catch and release and single barbless hooks. The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is the only lodge or settlement on the river and, together in cooperation with the Brazilian Institute for Protection of the Amazon, has helped place the Agua Boa into an area of permanent protection. The Agua Boa is one of the few areas of the Amazon that you should not see another inhabitant during your entire stay.

The Agua Boa River is a small clear water river flowing over white sand. The river begins high in the Mocidade mountains to its confluence with the Branco river. The river is absolutely spectacular. It is flanked by a combination of upland forest, flood forest and savannah with all of its wildlife still intact. This combination of pristine and varied habitats makes for both interesting and scenic fishing. It is common to see tapir, monkeys, manatee, river otters, parrots, toucans, macaws, anteater, sloths, peccary, agouti, and even the occasional jaguar.

The Fishing
Clients will fish two to a boat with one guide. The guides have been trained extensively and have many years of experience guiding for peacock bass. They are not bilingual but are somewhat conversant in fishing English and will understand your needs. After breakfast, you are welcome to fish with your guide until 6 pm.

The rivers and tributaries around the Royal Amazon Lodge are rich and diverse. Possible species include the three species of peacocks: the butterfly (up to 10 pounds), the paca or spotted (up to 20 pounds), and the temensis (up to 24 pounds).

Peacock Bass are perhaps one of the toughest game-fish around. Their topwater strike is often so ferocious that the entire fish will fly several feet of the water with the fly. Once hooked peacocks exhibit a savvy toughness unknown to trout and largemouth fisherman. A large peacock is unstoppable on its first few runs. Anglers can only hope that the fish stays well away from the structure. This is usually their second escape route.

Most fish go aerial in a tarpon like display... gills rattling as they fly end over end... only to run again. They are a not for the weak of heart. Everyone that fishes the Royal Amazon will return with stories of stripped reels, destroyed tackle and memories of giants that couldn't be stopped.

The Lodge
The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located on a quiet stretch of the Agua Boa river. At the lodge, clients are attended by a friendly Brazilian staff. We have kept the size of the lodge small to afford anglers a great expanse of fishing water and to insure that the atmosphere at the lodge is a pleasant one. For those of you that have traveled on houseboats with 14-20 bass fisherman crammed into a small space, the attraction of the Agua Boa Amazon is an obvious one. It is the small family atmosphere and sheer elegance of the lodge that have made the Agua Boa Amazon a success.

The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge was built in 2001 by the owner and operator, Dr. Jan Wilt. In 2007, it sold to Lance Ranger, a former client of the lodge. Lance and his staff have continued the tradition of excellence at the lodge and the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge offers a very superior lodging/fishing experience for Peacock Bass in the Amazon.

The lodge is a spacious facility with a large dining room, a living room, bar and game room. The game room has a snooker table, ping pong table, darts and an endless array of games from chess to backgammon. There is also an entertainment area with a DVD player, and satellite TV. The lodge also has a great porch with an eating area, hammocks and sitting area.

Outside there is a 20 meter swimming pool and bar area and a volleyball and soccer field. The Agua Boa Amazon has the finest facility in the peacock bass world. Combine the accommodations with the small capacity at the lodge, and you will not find a better buy in the Amazon.

Ready for the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge? Give us a call 800-410-1222 ask for Gary or Paul

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