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Deluxe Tent Camp
Half the fun is getting there!
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Accommodations: Deluxe Tent Camp

Dates: Mid-June though Mid-September

Length of Stay : One Week

Location: Dillingham, AK

Price: $4,395 pp dbl occ

Species: Rainbow, Dolley Varden, Silvers.

Egdorf's Nushagak Camp - Alaska
Egdorf's Nushagak Camp - Alaska

THE "NUSH" IS A fish bum's dream come true. Rise as early or late as you please 'cause there's no competition to race to the pool. Fish hard all day on 100 miles of accessible river, come back to camp and recharge with a hearty meal and a few fish stories. Then head to the home pools for as many casts as you can throw under the midnight sun.

That's how fishing in Alaska used to be, and how it still is on the "Nush." The sense of remote isolation is hard to match anywhere else in North America. Your only companions for the week are the folks that came with you, the moose and bears, and a million trout. The fishing is great and the overall experience is so much more than that!

The Fishing
Unlike the masses of 15-18-inch "lower Nush" trout that follow the king salmon into the upper river later, in July, the resident rainbows in these headwater 30-40 miles of stream average 18-22 inches, with beasts in the 24"-26" range a daily possibility. For those who love to fish streamers and mouse patterns for large, hungry trout, this is a hard time of year to beat. To make it even more appealing, the water is usually a bit higher in June, opening up many miles of the river upstream from camp that can get a bit "bony" to run jet sleds in later in the summer. It is amazing to take an hour boat ride upstream to where the Nushagak is barely more than a creek, then float and fish your way back downstream, whacking big rainbows out of small buckets, shelving riffles and drowned logjams.

Later in the season brings the final push of salmon in the form of cohos, an aggressive species that will eat almost any bright streamer, and often surface poppers, as well. Cohos (also known as silver salmon) are often in better condition than the other salmon when they arrive, and a blast to target on a six or seven weight rod. Once again, rainbows are the prime target, but the healthy trout of early season have now morphed into almost unrecognizable caricatures of their former selves... gorged bellies distorted and shoulders broadened by a summer's diet of salmon eggs and flesh. September offers the trophy trout hunter the single best opportunity to connect with the rainbow of a lifetime here... the same fish available in June, but with several pounds more girth!

The Camp & Food
Dave's camps are, in a way, a throwback to the 1940's, when folks heading to Alaska for adventure fishing looked for nothing more than a dry tent and fishing that was right outside the door. The outfitters who accommodated them adopted a style of simple, comfortable, on-river camps that were easy to set up and maintain in super remote regions, and offered immediate boat or foot access to the river.

Lodge fishing in Alaska has since moved away from this rustic "camp" style, as fly-out lodges, with their amenities and indulgences have set a new standard of sorts. It’s good to know that top quality camps are still out there, in the middle of nowhere, offering hardcore fishing, complete solitude... and plenty of creature comforts.

Every tent has two foam mattress bunks, each with its own sleeping bag complete with interchangeable liner. An electric light provides illumination for organizing tackle, or reading yourself to sleep after fish-filled days. Hangars are provided to organize your shirts, jackets, fleece and waders, and a table at the head of the bunks offers space for a book, glasses, a glass of water or late-night snacks. Nothing fancy, but cozy and functional. Considering where you’re at, a veritable lap of luxury!

Each week a load of choice meats, fresh veggies, and pounds of basics like flour, sugar, coffee and bacon arrive into camp by float-plane. The cooks use their scratch ingredients and spice racks to produce the best home-style meals in the Alaskan bush. Think cowboy-cook meets cafe gourmet.

The food is prepared under the watchful eye (and often by the talented and industrious hands of) Kim Egdorf. From succulent steaks to Cornish Game Hens, pasta to fresh fish, fresh-baked bread and an array of other delicious entrees and appetizers, you will not be disappointed in the food, nor are you likely to head home any lighter. As part of the package rate the Camp provides guests with all the iced tea, fruit punch and water they can drink. Anglers should feel welcome to bring a bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverage in their luggage, if they so desire.

Dave and Kim's Nushagak Camp accommodates eight anglers comfortably, though they sometimes hold occupancy at six, for integral groups. The dining tent is centrally located, separating the guests and guides respective quarters, and is a hub of activity, as is the bench-ringed fire-pit out front, at the river's edge. Many an epic fishing day has been recounted in this flickering firelight, the darkness of immense wilderness pressing in all around, the brilliance of an uncompromised night sky peeking down through swaying pines.

Two chemical toilet bathrooms are located a short walk behind the guest accommodations, as is the shower facility, with its vanity and sink.

To Book Trip

Package Cost:
The weekly angling rate at Egdorf's Nushagak Camp is $4,395.00 pp dbl occ. A real steal by Alaska standards.

Inclusions: Your angling package at Egdorf's Nushagak Camps covers round trip air transportation from Dillingham to camp, all lodging and meals at camp, a reasonable amount of sodas and beer, daily guided fishing, boat transportation to and around fishing grounds.

Non-Inclusions: Not included in the package is personal gear, tackle, flies, the overnight in Dillingham, gratuities, and fishing license.

Call/email for price at 800-410-1222 & ask for Gary or Paul….or email us on above link. We’ll do all we can to get you “in”.

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