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Accommodations: Deluxe Tent Camp

Dates: July - September

Length of Stay : One Week

Location: Kamchatka, Russia

Phone for reservations: 800-410-1222 ask for Gary or Paul

Price: $7,695 pp dbl occ for week

Species: 6 species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, kundzha and both resident and sea-run dolly varden char

Sedanka Spring Creek Float Trip - Russia
Sedanka Spring Creek Float Trip - Russia

Remote Kamchatka Float Trip
It is one of the most biologically diverse drainages of the entire peninsula, with all 6 species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, kundzha and both resident and sea-run dolly varden char. This spring creek ecosystem is particularly rich with insect, mouse, and salmon biomass that feeds an exceptionally dense population of 18 27 inch native rainbow trout.

It was discovered in 1998 and has since proved to be a flyfishing destination of incomparable beauty and excitement. Along with the Zhupanova River, it is one of the two flagship rivers of Kamchatka and is an excellent choice for a first trip to Kamchatka. What's more, owing to its spring origin and expansive lava rock in the drainage, rainstorms do not "blow out" the Sedanka. It is air clear, everyday of the year.

Sedanka rainbows are quite large by the standards of the Western US, though they have become more well known in Kamchatka for their sheer numbers. Anglers typically hook into dozens of fish per day and come away with years worth of trout fishing experience crammed into their week on the Sedanka. The constant flow and temperature regimes produce dense insect life which, for the flyfisher, means perhaps the finest dry fly fishing in the world. But Sedanka trout, like all Kamchatka trout, are opportunistic feeders. With just 4 months of the year to feed, they have no choice but to stuff themselves with whatever they can get during the short summer. Throughout July, August and September, fishing with mouse patterns on the surface, and smolt patterns just beneath the surface coaxes thrilling, vicious strikes from fish filling their stomachs for the 8 month winter fast to come.

The Sedanka is one of the most remote rivers in Kamchatka. A 3 hour helicopter ride from Petropavlovsk is the only method of access, and once there the river is yours. Just 6 anglers per week share the Sedanka according to our outfitter's lease terms with the Kamchatka government.

This program is fully guided and involves a combination of traditional walk and wade fishing, float days that utilize inflatable rafts to move downstream, and occasionally jet-motor skiffs are employed to access still more water. All fishing is by wading, with boats merely used as transportation from spot to spot. Because a portion of the week is spent walking and wading, this is the most physically demanding of our Kamchatka trips, though anyone in reasonable shape will be able to take full advantage.

Accommodations are simple and rustic, with double occupancy heated tent cabins, flush toilet outhouses, reliable hot water showers and food that is plentiful and good.

Compared to the other rivers of Kamchatka, the Sedanka stands alone as an immaculate dry-fly fishery with "blow-out proof" clear water. And in terms of fish numbers, its aggressive race of rainbow trout means ACTION.

The Seasons

July July is the warmest month of the year in Kamchatka with day time temperatures usually between 60 and 80 degrees. As such, this is the peak of the Sedanka's wonderful dry fly fishing.

While mouse and streamer fishing stays consistent from the very beginning to the very end of the summer, the mayfly and caddis hatches are heaviest in July. It's a sight to behold to float silently around a bend and be confronted with 50 trout noses puncturing the smooth surface of the river in elegant head-dorsal-tail rises.

There are no salmon in the river at this time of year, so trout feed exclusively on bugs, mice and salmon smolt. Present as always are also kundzha (white spotted) char. Being the warmest month, July is also mosquito season. Most people find the trade-off worth it for the surface fishing opportunities, but if you have a low mosquito tolerance level, consider a trip later in the season.

August August Is the middle of the season. The salmon enter the river and the full cycle of life in the spring creek is laid out before you in full magnificence. Rainbows are targeted with mouse and streamer flies, and dry fly fishing comes on usually in the evenings in the middle miles of the river. Though the salmon are not in sporting shape by the time they arrive to this headwaters region, the dolly varden char definitely are, and they add even more action to the day.

September September is fall in Kamchatka. It can be chilly, in the 50-degree range. And with sunny weather can come frosty nights. It is also the most photogenic time of year to be amid the sub-arctic taiga and tundra foliage as it turns to blazing yellows, reds and oranges with a backdrop of snow-capped volcanoes. Trout are easily taken with surface skaters like mouse and floating baitfish patterns. Salmon are in full spawn in late August and September. Literally millions of fish bring the river completely alive. It is an overpowering, sensory experience to see an ecosystem so healthy and pristine. Important to note also is that trout in Kamchatka do not get "tunnel vision" for salmon eggs as they do in Alaska, so no need for egg patterns, beads, split shot and strike indicators. Mice, streamers, dry flies and a floating line is usually all you need.

Inclusions: Included in your angling package at the Sedanka Float is all ground and air transportation once in Kamchatka and all food, accommodation and guides.

Non-Inclusions: Not included in your angling package at Sedanka Float are airfare and travel expenses from your home to Kamchatka, Russian visitor's visa, fishing gear, flies, fishing license, medical evacuation insurance (required), and alcohol.

Space is very limited so get your reservations as soon as you can. Call 800-410-1222 & ask for Gary or Paul or email above. We'll do our best to get you "in".

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