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Accommodations: Deluxe

Length of Stay: 7 Days

Location: Kamchatka, Russia

Phone for reservations: 800-410-1222 ask for Gary or Paul

Price: $6,695 pp dbl occ

Seasons: July, August, September

Species: Trout, Char

Zendzur Hot Springs Lodge -Russia
Zendzur Hot Springs Lodge - Russia

The Finest Lodge in Area
Anglers at Zendzur target an ancient, trophy-sized strain of rainbow trout that average 24 - 26 inches and reach a jumbo maximum in the 33 - 35 inch range.

Like all Kamchatkan trout, they regularly crush skated mouse patterns, swung streamers on sink-tip lines, and, occasionally in July, traditional dry flies.

From late July through August, huge Asiatic kundzha char also pour into the river from the North Pacific. In other rivers of Kamchatka these fish are small and river-resident, but the sea-run "Super Kundzha" of the Zupanova are remarkable gamefish that can reach a yard in length. They take flies well and put up a strong, charging battle.

Sea-running Dolly Varden char are available all season and average 12 - 18 inches, run in massive schools, and readily take dry flies. As a bonus, anglers in late August and September will have the opportunity to catch chrome-bright silver salmon.

The Fishing
The first and last days of your trip allow for half-days of fishing. In between are six full fishing days.

The Program At Zendzur utilizes "Alaska-style" 18' aluminum skiffs, powered by 40hp 4-stroke jet motors. You and one other angler are shuttled from wade-spot to wade-spot by your guide. Most anglers prefer to wade-fish, but for those that prefer to fish from a boat, the guides are very accommodating. For those that haven't had enough after a full day, there is a great home pool in front of the lodge.

Sample Day
7 AM: coffee and tea
8 AM: breakfast
9 AM: on the water
1 PM: lunch on the river
6 PM: back to camp for drinks and a soak in the hotsprings.
7 PM: dinner

For midnight-sun junkies there is a modest sized home pool in front of the lodge.

The Lodge
Zendzur Lodge itself is a beautiful, traditional Russian wilderness outpost, staffed with a combination of talented American and Russian professionals. Lodge amenities are surprisingly deluxe given the remote nature of the operation and include double accommodation suites and cabins, each with private bath and sitting rooms. One of the highlights of Zendzur is the fabulous on-site natural hot-springs, enclosed in a banya cabin just down from the lodge on the riverbank.

Zendzur Lodge's location was specifically chosen for its convenient access to the legendary fishing beats of the lower Zhupanova, and for the serene hot springs that are on the property.

A SMALL BANYA cabin has been built up around the springs to contain them in a 10' x 12' rock-floored basin. It is very relaxing place to soak, trade fish stories, and sip a cold Russian home-brewed beer at the end of a long day on the river.

Zendzur offers by far the most deluxe accommodation in Kamchatka and is comparable to the fine lodges of Western Alaska. It is a beautiful structure, originally built by our Russian outfitting partner as a wedding gift for his daughter. There is a main lodge with 4 suites, and a sitting room, as well as two stand alone cabins and a separate dining hall.

The guest suites are spacious and appointed with comfortable beds and bedding, a sitting table, chairs and shelves for stowing gear and clothing. Each has a private bathroom and an entry/wader area.

The Food
The food at Zendzur Lodge is excellent. Guests enjoy regional cuisine, and more familiar fare. Expect savory dishes of seafood, fresh fish and meats, Kamchatka dacha-grown vegetables, and home-baked breads, pastries and snacks. When salmon and Dolly Varden are in season, hot delicious shore lunches are served daily on the river, guaranteed to leave you refreshed and ready for a fish-filled afternoon.

With a skilled kitchen staff of 3, the food at Zendzur is as good as you will find in all of Russia. Appetizers, soups, main courses, desserts and breakfast pastries are all made from scratch on-site, featuring fresh ingredients from the PK markets, from the local greenhouse, and of course from the river.

The Staff
All Kamchatka programs employ a guide rotation system, so each group of two anglers spends two days with each guide. Staff consists of one North American head guide and two seasoned Russian guides. Our head guides are talented professionals with years of Russian and/or other international camp management experience, and years of prior experience guiding in Alaska, British Columbia or the Western US. They are selected not just for their significant on-water talents, but as curious, enthusiastic representatives of Kamchatka.

Our Russian guides come from varied backgrounds, usually associated with biology, wildlife management, hunting, trapping or commercial fishing. Flyfishing being a relatively new sport to Russia, our guides come equipped with varying levels of pure flyfishing knowledge. Some are exceptional, having been with us for 10 or more years. Others have been brought on board for their skills as woodsmen and watermen, whose technical abilities are still evolving, but who are in rhythm with the lives and habits of rainbow trout.

To sum it up
The style and quality of fishing accommodations at Zendzur Lodge is, by quite a wide margin, the best in Kamchatka. This, combined with gigantic trout, world-record kundzha char, prolific salmon runs and abundant wildlife, makes Zendzur Lodge an experience of a lifetime. Each week-long stay is limited to a maximum of 6 anglers.

Package Cost:
The cost of the week-long Zendzur Lodge package is $6,695 pp dbl occ

Inclusions: Included in your angling package at the Zendzur Hot Springs Lodge is all ground and air transportation once in Kamchatka and all food, accommodation and guides.

Non-Inclusions: Not included in your angling package at Zendzur Hot Springs Lodge are airfare and travel expenses from your home to Kamchatka, Russian visitor's visa, fishing gear, flies, fishing license, medical evacuation insurance (required), and alcohol.

Space is very limited so get your reservations as soon as you can. Call 800-410-1222 & ask for Gary or Paul or email above. We'll do our best to get you "in".

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