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Accommodations: Deluxe Tent Camp

Not Included: Airfare, Tips, Overnight Lodging

Phone for reservations: 800-410-1222 ask for Gary or Paul

Price: $4,750 pp dbl occ for week

Season: June - September

Kanektok River - Alaska
Kanektok River - Alaska

The Fishing

The location of our lodge (1 mile from tide water) was carefully chosen to provide our guests a front row seat to the freshest chrome bright fly fishing action in Alaska. The best holding water to fly fish for fresh run kings, silvers, chums, and pinks is right in front of our lodge.

What makes our experience unique is while having the best access to chrome bright salmon action we also have a tremendous rainbow trout fishery in both the lower and upper river. Kanektok River leopard rainbows are spectacular to admire and a lot of fun to catch - top water action is normal for them and our favorite way to entice them is with mouse patterns!

Individual Wall Tent Cabins
We have customized spacious 10 x 12ft and 12 x 12ft heated "Weatherport" style tent cabins with wooden floors and carpeting. These wall tents are super strong, waterproof and can withstand the weather conditions in Alaska. For your comfort we sleep single occupancy, one client per tent cabin. The tent cabins are furnished with a padded cot with quilt and high quality sleeping bag, soft pillows, dresser, lantern, mosquito coil, clean linens for showering, clothes hangers, windows with screening, and plenty of storage room for your luggage and gear. If you need generator power for a C-Pap machine we have transportable 2000 watt Honda generators that are super quiet to meet all of your sleeping needs. We also provide you with reading materials that contain history and information on the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and the native Yupik culture that has been dated back to 1000AD. Guests find this a fascinating read and we feel it's important to educate everyone on the native culture and history of this tremendous fishery.

The Lodge Cuisine
You will eat three meals per day and can choose to eat in the dining tent or a shore lunch to maximize your fishing time. Enjoy delicious meals cooked by our master Chef John Schumacher with amazing recipies for steak, salmon, and wild game. John is a world renown chef and has published cookbooks on wild game. Some of his books are titled; “John Schumacher’s New Prague Cookbook,” "Wild game Cooking Made Easy,” and "Fish Cooking Made Easy.” He is an expert in his field with over 45 years of cooking experience and operated several restaurants. Chef John will make your dining experience the best Alaska has to offer!

Dining Tent
Our dining tent is a spacious 22 x 40ft and contains the kitchen, a lounge area with TV and DVD player, plenty of tables and chairs to relax, a dart board, two fly tying tables, and plenty of cold drinks and coffee. The dining tent is heated with lots of space to enjoy delicious meals from Chef John or relax and socialize with your friends and family. All of our guests rave about Chef John's meals including his special salmon gravlax that are always a huge hit!

Lounge Screen Tent
The lounge screen tent 12 x 20ft has been specifically designed for you to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family while overlooking a spectacular view of a branch of the Kanektok River. Guest enjoy kicking back in comfortable lounge chairs and watching the wildlife, salmon jumping, and admiring the mountains in the distance. This comfortable heated tent is screened so no mosquitos or insects can enter and is a favorite of our guests to relax and socialize in while ejoying the scenery.

Drying Tent
Our custom designed drying tent is used to dry any of your wet clothes, waders, boots, or raingear. The drying tent has been designed with the goal of completely drying any of your wet gear quickly. We have lots of space for hanging your equipment assuring the heat drys all surfaces of your apparel.

Shower Tent and Restrooms
The shower tent has an on demand water heater with hot and cold running water. The tent also has a sink with vanity and mirror. The restroom is an outhouse that is cleaned and maintained daily. We have multiple restrooms conveniently located on paths central to your tents for ease of use.
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