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Accommodations: 4 dbl. guest rooms with private bath

Dates: mid-May to mid-October

Length of Stay : 2 night minimum

Location: Northeastern California

Phone for reservations: 800-410-1222 ask for Gary or Paul

Price: $295/day pp $165/day per non-angler

Species: Rainbow, brown trout

Antelope Creek Ranch - N. California
Antelope Creek Ranch - N. California

Anglers staying at Antelope Creek Ranch enjoy wonderful accommodations, great food, and absolutely terrific trout fishing that begins right at the doorstep. The lodge is within a stone’s throw of the serpentine, fish-filled private meadow stream and within walking distance of the ranch’s two trophy trout lakes. There are nearly two miles of the creek on the ranch and 9 more miles of roadless stream above the fenceline.

The Fishing:

The cold water of Antelope Creek pours out of alpine aquifers and tumbles off the slopes of nearby Mount Shasta before settling into its tranquil, meandering nature as it courses across our ranch. Simple irrigation diversions control the flow in the main stem of the creek and the stream runs clear and fishable every day from the middle of May through the end of our season in late October.

Antelope Creek carves its path right through the middle of the ranch and offers nearly two miles of meadow fishing for rainbows and resident brown trout . The creek is not broad, but it typically cuts under banks, tails out in flats, and forms deep pools. It twists and turns its way all through the ranch, intermittently dividing the meadow and cutting through the surrounding willows and evergreen forest. The fish in the stream are not routinely large, but there are quite a few browns and rainbows that will top two pounds. They are easily spotted in the placid creek waters, and sight-casting to specific trout is commonplace.

The two lakes on the property have healthy populations of trophy rainbows and browns that will make any angler's heart race. In fact, each year several of our guests take home photos of themselves smiling with 30+ inch trout ready to be released. The upper lake is small and can easily be fished entirely from the shore. It is surrounded by many varieties of trees and is a pleasure to experience. The lower ranch lake is larger and can accommodate several float tubers, though it can also be fished effectively from shore.

The Accommodations:

The Antelope Creek Lodge experience is designed for a maximum of eight anglers, and we generally limit the total number of guests to that number. Four couples, with wives not fishing would translate into four anglers, four non-anglers and the maximum of 8 guests. Of course there are many combinations that accumulate to a maximum of eight.

The magnificent, two-story Antelope Creek ranch house accommodates 8 fishing guests in style. Each one of the spacious four bedrooms has a private bath and wonderful view. The cozy fireplace sets the mood, and you can watch deer stroll, stars fall, and trout slurp from the jacuzzi hot tub on the back deck.

The two-story lodge living room has a massive stone fireplace, a sunken bar, wraparound decks and windows looking out over picturesque Antelope Creek to the meadow and mountains beyond. There is a quiet, park-like atmosphere and the historic ranch is surrounded by nearly 35,000 acres of national forest. The hundreds of acres surrounding the lodge are beautiful, with large grassy meadows and an open panoramic vista of the surrounding mountain bowl. Guests can see for miles from the streamside deck and there are no other buildings, homes, or lights within sight to mar the view.

Breakfast is served around 8AM, depending on the group and the season. Coffee is ready at first light and there is no hurry to be the first on the stream or either of the lakes, since no one else will be there when you arrive. The buffet lunch is on the bar at noon every day to allow for a very full morning and afternoon of angling, or fishermen may opt to pack a lunch or take along snacks and stay on the water all day without returning to the lodge for the mid-day meal. Dinners are very good, by any standard. Our well-trained cooks prepare hearty, family style meals, served in an informal atmosphere that marries well with the whole Antelope Creek Ranch experience.

Additional activities:

Non-fishing companions have the run of the entire ranch and as much of the surrounding countryside as they'd like to cover for hiking and relaxing. There are three superb golf courses (Mount Shasta Resort, Shastina, and Running Y) less than an hour away in opposite directions, and it is less than an hour to two of the finest bird watching areas in the Pacific flyway (Meiss Lake Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuges). Herds of antelope dot the nearby National Grasslands, and the wonders of both the Lava Beds National Monument and the surrounding Klamath National Forest are too numerous to list. Other non-angling guests may simply choose to relax in the lodge, on the deck, or yield to the temptation of the always inviting streamside hammock.


The daily rate for Antelope Creek Ranch fly fishermen is $295 per person

Packages include all meals, accommodations, and access to all the ranch facilities for the anglers, and there is a two-night minimum stay.

Non-angling companions are welcome at a more modest fee of $165 per day, per person.

The non-angling packages include all meals and accommodations, & access to the entire ranch for hiking and relaxing.

While fine, complimentary wines are served with evening meals, guests are encouraged to bring their own beer, soft drinks, liquor, and mixes. Ice tea, lemonade, and unlimited bottled water is always available in the bar and kitchen.

For information/reservation please call Gary @ 1-800-410-1222 or email garye@americanfly.com

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