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Accommodations: None

Dates: May - November 15

Length of Stay : 2 night min.

Location: Near Redding, California

Phone Number: 1-800-410-1222 ask for Gary or Paul

Price: $135/angler per day

Species: Trout, Steelhead

Battle Creek Ranch - N., California
Battle Creek Ranch - Redding, California

Battle Creek is an intimate, wild, terraced freestone stream that is best suited to the physically fit fly fisherman.

These six miles of fish-rich Battle Creek opened for the first time in 1999. Battle Creek averages twenty feet across, and tumbles down an often narrow canyon that has one pool and riffle after another full of native rainbows, and sometimes steelhead at certain points in the season. It's a rugged wilderness atmosphere, and little has changed in years in what was once home to Ishi and his California Indian ancestors.

The Fishing:

The fishing at Battle Creek Canyon is best suited for the self-reliant, physically fit angler. Those willing to make the trek down into the canyon are rewarded by wild rainbow trout that only see a handful of fishermen during the course of each year. Some of the middle, steeper canyon beats only get fished once or twice a year, if at all!

Planting trout is prohibited in these lower reaches of Battle Creek, as it is the primary spawning tributary for salmon and steelhead from the Lower Sacramento River. Battle Creek's resident rainbows, therefore, are completely wild, native fish that have grown big and tough, full of fight, and usually die of old age without ever being fooled by a dry fly or nymph.

Like all healthy streams, Battle Creek has a large population of all sizes of trout. Fish average ten to fourteen inches, while a trophy on this boulder-strewn stream is two or three pounds. These big Battle Creek rainbows are not uncommon, though the big fish don't rise as aggressively to dry flies and usually fall more easily to one of many effective nymph (or streamer) patterns.

A variety of different techniques will work at different times on Battle Creek. There are almost always a few trout willing to rise to dry flies, while dry-fly-and-dropper combinations are very productive and indicator nymphing is perhaps the most consistent producer of the bigger fish in the stream. Casting weighted streamers on sinking lines in the deeper pools has even been known to result in some behemoth rainbows (or steelhead) putting a bend in the rod of Battle Creek anglers.

The Accommodations:

Anglers choosing to fish more than one day at Battle Creek Ranch will find there are camping and cabin rental options nearby .


The rate for day-fishing access to Battle Creek Canyon is $135 per angler per day.

Our Battle Creek Ranch accesses include over 6 miles of Battle Creek previously inaccessible to the public. The 6 miles of water are broken up into 6 different fishing beats: Baldwin, Wall, Canyon, Barn, No Man's, and the Spring Branch Beat. In addition, the Coleman Canal runs through the ranch property, providing nymph and occasional dry fly opportunities to rising trout in the man-made, creek-like stream channel.

When making a reservation for Battle Creek, you are reserving a beat for a day. Each beat contains more water than a pair of anglers can fish in a day, and groups of more than two anglers can reserve more than one beat each day. The beats are rotated to ensure that they are fresh and have not been recently fished when you arrive.

For information/reservation please call Gary or Mike 1-800-410-1222 or email garye@americanfly.com

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