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Cost: $250 1/2 day - $400 Full day PP - $50 more for additional angler

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Phone Number: 808-734-7359

Website: nervouswaterhawaii.com

Nervous Water Fly Fishers Guide Service - Hawaii
Nervous Water Fly Fishers Guide Service - Hawaii

Nervous Water Fly Fishers is Hawaii's first and foremost fly fishing guide service.

Oahu has limited inshore habitat, a large human population, and intense fishing pressure. More than a century of essentially unregulated harvest has impacted the reef eco-systems and severely depleted most saltwater fish populations, particularly the larger species. In Hawaii people go fishing to catch food and the concept of catch-and-release is practiced by a slim minority of recreational anglers. The one species that has escaped this pressure is the Bonefish. They're big and just about always present.

However, gloom-and-doom aside, some good places still exist and a guided fishing trip here can offer a chance to catch some nice fish and provide an exciting diversion from the standard Hawaiian tourist activities. With the right tackle and realistic expectations it is really not too difficult to be pleasantly surprised.

The Fish

Hawaii's inshore saltwater species include Trevally, Bonefish, Barracuda, Ladyfish, Milkfish, Moi, Mullet and various other reef critters. Bonefish are pretty large and the most likely target. Most fly fishers consider the conditions here to be challenging with 15 to 25 knot trade-winds. Sight-casting can be marginalized by cloud cover or the angle of sunlight as it changes with the seasons.

The Equipment

To fish the inshore salt, an 8 to 10 weight rod and a saltwater safe reel with 200 yards of backing is ideal. A full floating line will work in almost every shallow water situation but it is good to have an intermediate and sinking line handy - depending on where you fish. 9-12 tapered leaders and tippets in 10-16 lbs. class are sufficient. Proven flies include Xmas Island Specials, Small Clousers, Reef Specials, Charlies, and Hula Shrimps. Most other standard bonefish patterns will also work. It is easier to fish smaller flies due the weather and because they allow you to catch a wider range of fish. Flies are included with your guide trip. Other gear you will need include - flats boots, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen and appropriate sun clothing. There is no saltwater license in Hawaii.

Service & Fees

Nervous Water Fly Fishers is a full service fly shop and guide service and can equip you with everything you'll need to fish in Hawaiian waters.

We offer guided walk-in trips on the island of Oahu and primarily target bonefish. We are the most experienced and successful service on the island. Our guides are experienced, professional and have the local knowledge needed to get you onto fish. We provide flies, tackle and transportation to and from the Waikiki/Honolulu area.

2006 rates are..
$250 for a 4 hour half day trip
$400 for an 8 hour full day trip
$50 for an additional angler

Email owner to ask question & request reservations or call 808-734-7359

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