Waterworks-Lamson Guru II Reels

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Steadfast and stylish, Guru has long set a standard as a rugged, fully USA-machined ultra-reliable reel at a great price. This season we’ve updated Guru’s spool geometry for enhanced retrieve rates, opened the porting to reduce weight and improve line drying, integrated the counterbalance and introduced a curved cross section arbor for structural stability.

Guru has been our best selling fly reel over the last 5 years!

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Our Price: $109.99-$299.99

Arbor Size: Large Arbor Color: Champagne
Drag Type: Sealed Conical Drag Manufacturer: Waterworks-Lamson
Model: 1, 1.5 & 2.0 are standard
3.0, 3.5 & 4.0 are full frame heavy duty
Right/Left Conversion: Easily

Waterworks-Lamson Guru II Reels
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Model - Line Wt - Capacity Type Qty Price
G II 1 - WF3F - 35 yd 20 lb Reel $239.99
Spool $109.99

G II 1.5 - WF4F - 100 yd 20 lb Reel $239.99
Spool $109.99

G II 2 - WF6F - 100 yd 20 lb Reel $239.99
Spool $109.99

G II HD 3 - WF7F - 150 yd 20 lb Reel $259.99
Spool $119.99

G II HD 3.5 - WF9F - 200 yd lb Reel $289.99
Spool $125.99

G II HD 4 - WF10F - 250 yd lb Reel $299.99
Spool $129.99